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Cappy Roles

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1Cappy Roles Empty Cappy Roles on Tue May 31, 2011 10:51 am


So at char creation the description of a support class that empowers it's fellowship members, thought to myself "I like the sound of that!" and rolled a Cappy. Upon playing the Cappy I noticed he was equipped with tanking and healing tools.

Now being a long time tank I am curious how the Cappy holds up as a tank compared to the Warden and Guard. Really wanna know what limitations the Cappy has in the tank dept. While wearing a shield is a no brainer but they give the Cappy the halberd that appears to be the tank weapon due to the increased threat.

So, how does the Cappy hold up as a tank and is the halberd weilding Cappy tank viable or does the lack of a shield increase incoming dmg too much?

2Cappy Roles Empty Re: Cappy Roles on Tue May 31, 2011 10:32 pm


Heya, I have a level 53 Cappy and I have only equiped a shield a few times in the entire game. But then again my opinion may be biased seeing as I love two handed weapons due to their increased damage.

Captains can tank but not nearly as well as a Guardian or a Warden seeing as they are built to tank. I can easily tank mobs that are 4,5,6 levels higher than me without breaking a sweat.

Shields are an optional thing for a Cappy. I sometimes use them for if I get into a sticky situation where I need the extra armor bonus. But I mainly stick to using halberds and two handed weapons seeing as they usually have a higher DPS and deal more damage than one handed weapons. geek

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